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[Watch] Actor Jamie Costa Has gone Viral for Uncanny Robin Williams Impersonation | Kayla

Jamie Costa has amazingly placed himself in the frontrunner position with fans if Hollywood ever decides to make a biopic about the late Robin Williams.

Costa posted a video to his YouTube channel, in which he plays Williams in 1982, at the height of his “Mork & Mindy” fame.

In the five-minute scene, Costa, who both physically resembles the late comedian and delivers a pretty dead on impression portraying Williams in preparing for a scene, riffing on various improv lines before taping an episode of the hit 1970s sitcom.

In the scene, Costa portrays Williams running through a full gamut of emotions, ultimately pulling himself together and re-entering Mork mode before heading back to the set to get some laughs.
The clip, which has so far garnered nearly 350,000 views, got people raving on Twitter, with many calling for Costa to play Williams in the inevitable biopic.

Watch the scene above.

Photo| Reuters

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